History of Gamtoos Irrigation Board


Prior to the establishment of the GIB in 1992, the then "Advisory Board” was approached by the Department with the following proposal: That the farmers establish an IB to take over the operation and maintenance of the scheme, which comprises of the Kouga Dam, Main canal, branch canals and branch pipe lines, balancing dams, office building, stores, workshops and houses.

The motivation for this was that it had become Government policy that full cost had to be recovered, and that being the case, that the people who pay the levies, also operate and maintain the system. The farmers decided this was a good option and the GIB was established and an agreement signed with the Department. During the first 5 years the Department subsidised the Board to ensure a healthy cash flow until it was self-sustainable. With sound financial management the Board succeeded in reaching this target.

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The Milton Water Mill +
Hankey Missionary Station +
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of london Mission
Society Missionary


First irrigation canal
in the Gamtoos Valley
at Hankey from Klein River.


First irrigation tunnel
in SA completed after just
over a year. Lenghth: 228m


Water mill erected
driven by water from
the tunnel.


Missionary Station
closed down.


Mill flooded and
subsequently shut


Construction of Kouga
Dam & water distribution
infrastructure by Dept
of Water Affairs


Completion of Kouga
Dam and


Establishment of
Gamtoos Irrigation


About Us

The Gamtoos Irrigation Board (GIB) was instituted in accordance with the National Water Act. The Board has a contract with the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to operate the Gamtoos water scheme...


GIB is managed by a board of Directors, headed by its CEO, Mr. Pierre Joubert. Pierre is backed up by an extremely capable team of committed and diligent staff members with a history of work excellence.
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