Eco-system services management

The GIB has been the implementing agent for various government programmes since 1998. The projects currently total more than R130 million/ annum .The profits made on these projects assists the GIB in the maintenance of the scheme’s infrastructure, as well as subsidising farmers’ levies to keep water costs down.

The relations with the Government as far as these projects are concerned, started with the first project being the Working -for -Water project in the Kouga catchment. This project is still ongoing and entails mainly eradication of alien invasive vegetation. It is also a poverty alleviation project at the same time.

Since then the GIB was approached on a regular basis to implement more poverty alleviation projects, mostly clearing of alien invasive vegetation but also rehabilitation of wetlands by building weirs, planting of "Spekboom” which is referred to by scientists as the "wonder tree” due to its ability to sequestrate carbon, etc. To date the number of projects have accumulated to more than 40 with most being in the (previous) Transkei.

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