Water conservation & demand management

Over the years the GIB has done everything possible to reduce losses in the system. The first objective being to measure as accurate as possible. The following were the most important steps taken to achieve better WCWDM:

  • Replace all 850 water meters to farmers.
  • Measure all water lost at rejects.
  • Read meters on a monthly basis.
  • Regular testing and calibration of meters.
  • Give immediate attention to water leaks.
  • Proper maintenance of canal infrastructure.
  • Regular treatment to eradicate algae in the canals.

Water losses were reduced from 20% in 1991 to 13.5 % in 2008 when the GIB received a National Award for WCDM.

The losses have in the meantime been further reduced to 7.5% for the 2014/2015 water year.

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