Management Committee

Gamtoos Water is proactively transforming its organisational structures in line with proposed changes to legislation. Our board is becoming more inclusive and representative of emerging commercial farmers. We recognise that this is a process, as membership is tied to the water rights of landowners, and are actively building relationships with identified individuals in this regard.

Gamtoos Water was proclaimed a Water User Association on the October 6, 2023. The association’s footprint includes the Kabeljous, Gamtoos and Baviaans catchments.

  • Gamtoos Valley L90A-C and L82J
  • Baviaans L81A-D and L82H
  • Kabeljous K90G

A new Management Committee will be elected to serve these three catchments.  An interim committee, which is already in place, will assist with facilitating the election of the Management Committee.

For the time being the management of the historic Government water scheme is assisted by an advisory committee to provide guidance in decisions.

The Management Committee of the Association as a whole consists of 21 seats with voting rights:

  • Sub-Area 1(Gamtoos Valley L90A-C, and L82J): 6 Votes
  • Sub-Area 2 (Baviaanskloof L81A-D and L82H): 3 Votes
  • Sub-Area 3 (Kabeljous K90G) : 3 Votes
  • Emerging small farmers and/or Cooperative Associations : 3 Votes
  • Committee Members for the Industry: 1 Vote
  • Committee Members for the Environment: 2 Vote
  • Kouga Municipality: 1 Vote
  • Nelson Mandela Municipality: 1 Vote
  • Department of Correctional Services: 1 Vote
  • Catchment Management Agency: Observer
  • Department of Agriculture: Observer